common water problems


CLOUDY WATER/TURBIDUTY - water has foggy appearance and can often smell or taste like swimming pool water


nitrate diagramTurbidity is caused by dirt or other suspended solids in your water that gives it a cloudy or milky appearance.  Construction, mining and other human activities that disturb soil are responsible for high sediment levels entering surface water during rainstorms.  Dirt, sand and other organic materials that get into the drinking water supply can clog small water- bearing openings and can cause wear on valves, seals and washers. 


In drinking water, high turbidity levels can also increase the risk of gastrointestinal diseases.  This is problematic for immune-compromised people because viruses and bacteria can become attached to the suspended particles. These particles can act as a shield and actually protect the viruses and bacteria during chlorine disinfection or ultraviolet (UV) sterilization of water.    









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