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The water quality in your home may be compromised by conditions such as hardness or excessive turbidity.  Chlorine, arsenic, lead, nitrates and many other harmful substances are common contaminants found in our drinking water.   Pathogens and pharmaceuticals such as antibiotics, mood stabilizers and hormones are also often detected in our water supply.   A whole house water filtration system can give you a peace of mind by providing safer, cleaner and better tasting water for you and your family. 


ero r350err 3500



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Whole house filtration systems will include the following two components:

cir Water conditioner/refiner (ERR 3500)
cir Reverse osmosis (RO) drinking water system (ERO 375)


Some benefits of our superior water systems:

cir Clean and clear water for drinking, cooking and bathing
cir Filtered water will extend the life of your appliances
cir You will save money by using less soap and shampoo
cir Harsh detergents are not needed for washing clothes
cir Convenient and easy to operate systems



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