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IRON / MANGANESE - leaves a metallic taste in your water


Iron water is created when water passes through iron-bearing rocks.  Since 5% of the earth’s crust is iron, it can be found in any water supply.  Iron levels are very high here in the Southeastern United States. Iron can leave reddish-brown stains on fixtures, sinks, bathtubs, dishes, clothing and linens.  It can also form deposits on pipes and appliances that can make water look, smell and taste bad.  When iron combines with tea, coffee or alcoholic beverages, it produces a black, inky appearance and alters the taste.  Vegetables cooked in iron contaminated water will turn dark and unappetizing.    


When iron exists in water along with certain types of bacteria, the bacteria will utilize the iron and leave behind a yellow or reddish-brown slime that can clog plumbing and cause offensive odor. Manganese is less abundant than iron.  It can leave black sediment in your water or black stains in your sinks and toilets.  Pipes and fittings are prone to being clogged as a result of high levels of manganese in water.










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