why ecowater?


EcoWater of Atlanta is so convinced that our ERR 3500 Refiner Series is the best that if you can find another product of equal value, specifications, and 3rd party seals of approvals, we'll buy it for you!


It boils down to this:

We bond all warranties. It guarantees our customers the best coverage and comes straight from the factory. Most warranties are as strong as the dealership - if they go out of business, their warranty does as well. Our warranties are the best in the industry and are guaranteed by Safeco Insurance Company of America.

Our customers demand the best and we proudly provide the most efficient systems in the industry. We supply our specifications in writing as endorsed by the Water Quality Association. Our systems will not compromise your water pressure, flow rates, or down size your plumbing. Our products are easy to use and maintain.


Seals of approval
We have gone through the Good Housekeeping's rigid testing and have earned their 2 year money back guarantee for over 35 years in a row. The EcoWater Refiner has also earned these other agency seals: ISO 9001, 2 Gold Seals of Approval from the Water Quality Association, and several plumbing seals as well. You will find these proudly displayed below to show we're not the only ones impressed by our quality.


Dare to Compare
You have 30 days after purchase to find an equal or better performing system. If they can provide you with the same warranty protection package, meet our specifications as validated by the WQA, and offer the same 3rd party seals of approval, you'll get your money back and a free system! It really is that simple. So what are you waiting for!



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